What is a Hotspot and What Does It Do?



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Internet access, which has become an indispensable part of our lives, has become easier and more accessible. Hotspot is the internet server that we receive service through wifi in public places. Hotspot connections are provided by agents such as wireless modem, Router, UTM.

It is the so-called “Wi-Fi point” where we provide internet service in a certain location. Today, this service is used in public places, in public places such as cafes and restaurants, with the help of a free wireless network. This internet connection offered is used in mobile devices with the help of radio frequencies. Depending on the strength and proximity of the signal, the quality of the internet connection also differs.

Although the hotspot is a free service that makes life easier, it can carry some security risks. For this reason, it is recommended that users only connect to secure networks when using the internet network with digital devices.

We, as İşNet, provide secure access to your guests and customers over a wireless network within a certain region, via WiFi technology, via your Metro Ethernet, G.SHDSL or ADSL&VDSL internet connection. You can contact us for detailed information.

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