How to Speed Up Windows 10? (8 Tips)



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We do most of our work on our computer. If the speed of our computer is high, our speed also increases and we can finish our work in a shorter time and take time to rest. If the speed of our computer is low, our speed decreases, our motivation decreases, and we lose interest in work. Speeding up our computer can help us get rid of these problems. Computer acceleration actually relies on some pretty simple methods, contrary to popular belief. It is possible to increase the speed of the computer without using a computer acceleration program. For more advanced issues such as RAM acceleration, you can get support from your technical service.

In today’s article on DownloadPLS.com, we will share useful information about ways to speed up the computer. If you are thinking about what to do to speed up the computer and looking for useful information about ways to speed up the computer, you can find a lot in this article.

You should check the power settings.

Among the ways to speed up the computer, you should first check your computer’s power settings. The amount of energy used in the computer can be adjusted according to the type and nature of the work done. If you are not using a program that requires a high amount of energy, you do not need to run your computer at a high energy level. However, the energy level of your computer may not meet the energy level required by the program you are using.

You can clarify this situation by checking your computer’s performance settings in ways to speed up the computer. If you only use Microsoft Office programs on your computer during the day and do not click many pages on the internet, you should avoid wasting energy by running your computer at high performance. However, if you use energy-consuming programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, which we call Adobe programs, you can control the power settings of your computer and ensure that it works at high performance.

If your computer is slow, your motivation drops and you lose interest in work.

In order to run your computer at high performance among the ways to speed up the computer, you can click the Hardware tab on the Control Panel and select the High Performance setting in the Power Options section.

To speed up the computer, this method is quite effective, but may not be enough. Because even though your computer is running at high performance, its speed may not be at the level you want. In this case, you should find the programs that slow down your computer to provide an effective solution to speed up the slowing computer. To do this, in the Task Manager menu

You can click on the Resource Monitor section in the Performance tab. This method gives successful results in speeding up the old computer. On the other hand, if you only need high performance during certain parts of the day, you can select the Power Saver setting after you’re done. In this way, you can save energy on your computer, and if you are using a notebook, you can extend the battery life.

You can adjust your computer’s performance setting to suit your needs.

You should not keep unnecessary files and programs on hard disks.

As the files and programs you keep on your computer’s C and D drives increase over time, they can cause your computer to slow down. Among the ways to speed up the computer, you should keep only the files and programs that you use frequently on your hard drives.

For others, you can take advantage of external disks or cloud storage. If your computer has a slow speed problem caused by its processor, then you can ask the computer service to overclock it. This method is a very effective method to speed up a slowing computer. However, the slightest mistake that may occur during the process can cause damage to your files and programs.

You can choose to delete the files and programs that you do not use, if they really do not work for you. In this way, your computer’s operating system will run faster, your computer will boot faster. Programs running in the background while your computer is on can also cause slowdowns. You can use the Task Manager menu to get effective solutions in this regard.

The speed of your computer increases as you free up space on your hard drives.

You can use the CCleaner program to get rid of unnecessary files and programs among the ways to speed up the computer. By installing this program on your computer, you can easily clean the browser history and remnants as well as unnecessary files and programs from Registry entries.

It is quite difficult to do these operations one by one and manually. You can also use Autoruns, a free system startup management tool from Microsoft, to detect and directly interfere with programs that start working with your computer when you turn on your computer. If you haven’t been able to get rid of the slowdown and speed problem even though you’ve done all these things, the reason may be the games you have installed on your computer.

Although it is thought otherwise, computer games cause your computer to slow down even when not in use. Among the ways to speed up the computer, instead of installing games on your office computer, you can use your home computer or external disks for games. Or you can use your mobile phone or online game sites.

Low-speed computers can cause outbursts of anger.

You should keep your desktop clean.

From time to time, a large number of files or programs can accumulate on our desktop. When we neglect to delete or move files and folders that are finished or that we do not use to hard or external disks, visual pollution occurs and we may have difficulty finding what we are looking for. But more importantly, unnecessary files or programs on the desktop cause the computer to consume more energy and decrease its speed in the background.

Although it is thought that a clean and simple desktop has little effect on accelerating the computer, the situation is quite high. Because your desktop directly affects the performance of your computer.

You can write msconfig on the Run screen to get effective results in this regard among the ways to speed up the computer. You can untick unnecessary files and programs on the screen that will appear. If you absolutely need to have non-priority files and programs on your desktop, you can collect them in a single folder to prevent visual pollution and slow speed. Also, if you have an email notification on your desktop, you should also keep your email box clean.

You should not keep any unnecessary files or programs on your desktop.

In addition to cleaning the desktop, you should also pay attention to the image you use in the background. We may prefer to use images that we like more or that have meaning for us in the background. However, among the ways to speed up the computer, getting rid of high-resolution background images also gives effective results.

If you use a high-resolution background image on your desktop, it will negatively affect your computer’s speed and performance. Among the ways to speed up the computer, you can choose as low-resolution and plain visuals as possible in the background. Likewise, this method is also effective in speeding up the laptop, and moreover, it gives better results than PC acceleration methods.

The visual that you will use in the background contains a simple theme in design, making it easier to find the file or program you are looking for. If there is an effect application on the image, this will negatively affect the speed. This problem is more common in Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. If you turn these effects off, your computer will run faster.

If you choose a simple theme for your desktop, your computer speed will increase.

You should restart your computer every 3-4 hours.

Using the computer for a long time without interruption causes the computer to slow down as a result of the increase in the amount of memory usage. Among the ways to speed up the computer, you can restart your computer by turning it off and resting a little every 3-4 hours instead of using your computer non-stop during your entire working time.

The lower your computer’s memory usage, the higher its performance will be. And of course, you should not forget to turn off your computer instead of putting it on hold when leaving for the afternoon and evening. In the standby state, a small amount of energy is consumed and the slowdown continues as the memory is not cleared.

If you make a habit of turning off your computer when you leave in the evening and restarting it in the morning, you can get more effective results in speeding up the computer. If you do not do this, the types of computer acceleration programs you will use may not give the results you want.

You should keep your computer turned off during lunch break and outside working hours.

You should regularly scan for viruses.

Antivirus programs that protect our computer against viruses, when used correctly, make a serious contribution to increasing the speed of our computer. While downloading a file or program to our computer, these programs automatically check for viruses. If you scan your computer for viruses at regular intervals, among the ways to speed up the computer, you can get more effective results in terms of viruses and cyber attacks.

Viruses or cyber attacks you are exposed to can be among the reasons that cause your computer to slow down. To clarify this situation, you can regularly scan your computer for viruses. And of course, you have to be careful with the antivirus you choose. The program you will use should be a light antivirus program that does not put too much load on your computer.

If you use a good antivirus program, you can find and neutralize viruses that have infiltrated your computer. In this way, you can achieve more successful results in ways to speed up the computer.

If you prevent leaks to your computer, you can increase speed.

You should check for updates and install them.

The operating systems we use are constantly being updated, and each update offers us new opportunities in terms of speed and performance. It keeps us safe from viruses and malware. Especially for Windows users, these updates are very important.

An update that is not installed on time can cause slow speed on computers connected to the internet. If you neglect to update your computer for a long time, the slow speed problem can become so bad that you become unable to work on the computer. Among the ways to speed up the computer, automatic updates are not liked by the employees as they negatively affect the work flow during working hours.

However, you can set the Auto Update settings outside of your working hours from the System and Security tab in the Control Panel. In this way, automatic updates do not interfere with your workflow during your working hours. You may be more successful in accelerating the computer when updates are installed.

You can increase the speed of your computer by updating it regularly.

You should take care to delete your internet history.

If you have to click through many sites on the Internet during the day, it is a great help to keep your internet history clean. Because of the cached files, your internet speed will decrease significantly. Your computer speed will also decrease. Because the cache of your computer will be occupied by the internet, your computer may be insufficient to meet your other needs. What’s more, your history is cached on your hard drive for long periods of use. This will cause your computer to slow down even more.

If you do the necessary cleaning in this part of the ways to speed up the computer, you can use the internet faster. In parallel with the increase in your internet speed, you can increase the speed of your computer. Clearing the internet history among desktop computer acceleration methods provides a significant advantage in the use of cache memory. And of course, you should avoid visiting websites that you deem suspicious. For this, you can check the site’s SSL certificate.

If you clean your internet history regularly, your computer will not experience speed problems in cache usage.

You should not neglect the internal cleaning of your computer.

As the time we use our computer increases, the dust accumulated in it also increases and causes a slowdown in speed. Among the ways to speed up the computer, you should pay attention to the internal cleaning of your computer as much as the outside. If you are experiencing slowdown in the computer due to heavy dust accumulating inside, you can clean the inside of your computer with a microfiber cloth or a hair dryer. Likewise, cigarette ashes or food crumbs accumulating on the keyboard of your computer both cause visual pollution and slow down your speed. Among the ways to speed up the computer, you should not neglect to clean these parts during the daily cleaning work of your office.

Do not forget that the issue of accelerating a heavy computer is not dependent on a single cause-effect relationship. Ways to speed up the computer are actually the whole of the measures you need to take to use your computer efficiently. Although you may find some of these topics unnecessary, in fact, all of them give effective results in speeding up the computer.

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