How to Change Windows 10 Language?



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Now all computers we have purchased come with Windows 10 installed. Windows 10, which is installed in various versions according to the characteristics of the computers, may sometimes come pre-installed in English or may appear in English automatically after any update. In this article, we explained how to change the language for Windows 10.

How to change windows 10 language?

If you want to run your Windows computer in the language you want, you don’t need to download any drivers or upgrade packages. You can change the language in a short time from the Windows 10 settings and you can easily change the language of your Windows computer. We have illustrated what you need to do for this process below.

1. Open the Start menu in the lower left menu and click the Settings tab.

2. In English, click Time & Language.

3. Under “Preferred Languages,” click on “Add a preferred language” and begin typing the name of the language you wish to use on your computer.

4. Once you’ve found your preferred language, click “Next” to install the language pack on your computer.

5. On the “Install language features” screen, make sure to check the “Set as my display language” option just under the selected language. Check the “Install language pack” option as well.

6. Click “Install” when finished and the pack will begin to download.

When finished, you will be prompted to sign out of your Windows 10 account. Do so, then sign back in to see your new language displayed.

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