Apple removes mask requirement for its workers



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In the past weeks, we shared with you the news that Apple has removed the mask requirement for customers in some of its stores. The company has announced that it will no longer require customers to wear masks at some Apple stores across the US, including Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, and other states that have recently lifted local mask rules. The technology giant is now starting to remove the mask requirement for its workers.

According to Bloomberg’s report, vaccinated company employees will not have to wear masks in offices where the local closed mask requirement has been lifted. It is stated that masks will be optional for retail workers in a small number of places starting today. Apple previously removed mask requirements for some stores and offices in June, but brought this requirement back in July due to newly formed variants.

It is also unclear when Apple will open its offices. However, the technology giant announced new conditions for returning to the office in the past months, and Apple announced that it would ask store and company employees for proof that they had the third dose of vaccine. According to the information shared, an employee would have four weeks to be vaccinated when it was his turn to be vaccinated.

The company had indefinitely delayed its February 1 reopening, which was scheduled in December. Apple CEO Tim Cook also said in a note to employees that the return to work date has not yet been determined. When the February 1 date was announced, Tim Cook said most employees would primarily work a day or two in the office; later announced that they would switch to a hybrid working order where they would be required to work in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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